July 24, 2018


July 4, 2017  



Usually, and I know this is anything but usual, we go to my husband's ex-wive's house. He has two daughters and we love to spend time with them and, as such, have fostered a friendly relationship with his ex and her new fiance. The truth is, they are good people and we generally have a nice time when we visit. However, as I said, we have not yet received an invite this year. 


So, what to do?

Part of me is just fine not going anywhere. It is hot in my neck of the woods (CA desert) and indoors is nice and cool. Plus, I wouldn't have to get dressed (the older I get, the more I appreciate that particular bonus). We also have access to a pool at our house, so if we are so inclined we can take a quick dip.

But what about the BBQ and family?

Ok, so spending time with family is not a bad way to celebrate. I dare say that is the whole point behind holiday's in general, but which family should we foist ourselves unceremoniously upon? The ex? My folks? Good friends that feel like family? Decisions, decisions. I know our friends are planning to BBQ and the ex probably will too. My folks probably won't, but they live in the mountains where it is, A. cooler and B. really pretty! 


So what would you do? We haven't decided yet, but the clock is ticking down...no matter what, though, the kabooms will be commencing somewhere and I hope that wherever you are, you are enjoying this year's 4th of July!

My Blog

It's that time again. Time for family, BBQ'ing, cold beverages, and fireworks. It also means a few extra days off of work for my husband. We are still newlyweds, so I consider this a good thing! 


But, today is the third and as of yet, we have not been invited to spend the holiday with anyone.

Happy 4th of July