July 24, 2018

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But this habit of stores putting up decorations early is getting ridiculous. It's 107 degrees in my neck of California despite the idea that fall is approaching. Although September has more days of the month classified as summer, it is considered an "Autumn month"; however, that does not make it ok to start selling Christmas!

I Love Christmas as Much as the Next Guy...


Sept 4, 2017  



Halloween decorations? Sure, I guess, but even that seems premature in that All Hallows' Eve is still two months away. Thanksgiving decor is unseemly and Christmas is downright mean.  I love walking up and down aisles bursting with the magic of the season, but not when it is still blazing SUMMER outside. There are four whole months before the jolly fatman in red plans to slide down my chimney. Heck, it's still two month away from feeling a nip in the air where I live. So seeing the trimmings of Thanksgiving and Christmas everywhere I turn, just sucks, for lack of a literary spin. It just makes me sad. Usually the impending holidays make me cheerful, but this feels like the stores just want to rub it in my face that I have to wait four more months. 


So, am I the ony one appalled by this behavior? Am I the only one who thinks that Thanksgiving decorations shouldn't come out until after Halloween and Christmas decor after Thanksgiving? Shouldn't each holiday have its own time to be celebrated without worrying about being rushed away by the next event coming up? Shouldn't WE be allowed to enjoy each holiday on its own; taking each one at a time? The holidays are stressful enough anyway and I feel like this just makes the pressure worse and makes it start earlier than necessary. 


I don't put my Chistmas tree and decorations up until Thanksgiving weekend, although there are those in my family that would like me to. I refuse to do it. I want to enjoy my turkey, gravy, and homemade cranberry sauce surrounded by fake pilgrims and chocolate turkeys. Then, once I have emerged from the turkey coma, I can turn my attention to Christmas.


And lets not shirk Halloween. I love to put fake headstones and cobwebs all over my yard. I like buying way more candy than our neighorhood demands, knowing I'll HAVE to eat the leftovers myself. Or, in some years, finishing the bag of candy before Halloween even arrived and having to buy whatever loser candy is still left in the stores.


These traditions are a big part of the season and I think they should be honored appropriately. This rush to get to them dishonors them somehow. The anticipation is worth it and I think important. So, any ideas how to get the stores to stop stocking holiday merchandise so early? There must be a way. I think this is my next movement. Who will join me???